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Boring Sunday February 24, 2008

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Okay so my day was nothing to write home about. I slep untill 1:oo making me feel like a bum and then i just watched reruns of my soap opera! I even stayed in my jammies (seafoam green snoopy & woodstock pants & a pink-y old navy t). I’m going to get a slew of pics soon so then i’ll post them. Untill next time…xoxo



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Here’s 10 of my latest obsessions:

1. General Hospital

2. Teen Vogue

3. Betsey Johnson

4. Anthropologie

5. My Yorkie Graham

6. the idea of becoming a fashion editor

7. Taylor Swift

8. Bowling

9. Plum Nailpolish

10. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck


Hello World, Here I Come!

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Hey everybody! I’m glad you made your way to my blog! I’m going to use this as a journal. This will be a way for me to dress better, become less lazy, and get out some anger! So here’s a little about me: I’m 15, I”m in highschool, and fashion is my passion! So thanks for coming and I can’t wait to start this wild and crazy ride!