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I’m Backkkk!! March 5, 2008

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Hey everyone I know I said I would stop posting untill I can get pictures up but that just isn’t gonna happen, so I decided to keep posting. So I’ve found an item that I really want.


I’m going to check ebay but if any of you can help me find it I’d be most appreciative! I also found some things that I want to buy for my bedroom. Opinions are appreciated!


So that’s all for this post! iloveyou!


One Response to “I’m Backkkk!!”

  1. Hi talented stylish friend

    congratulation for your blog : very great

    i just finished my Paris fashion week photo romance. I try to humanize fashion and mix it with the beauty of Paris.
    i hope you’ll like them

    ps : some stories are translated in the “english” section

    best regards

    street style romancer in Paris

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