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This Ain’t a Scene…This is MY Life February 28, 2008

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Hello all! Today was simply mahh-velous! I aced my history test & tomorrow I don’t have to go to any classes! At my school we’re doing a blood drive and my student council is sponsoring it so I’m excused from like every class.

Tonight’s my school’s talent show, so at 6:15 I am leaving to help! I love my life so much!

So I really want a pair of blue skinnies & red for sure, maybe purple. Do any of you know where to get these lovely things? I was going over my sister’s teen vogue for march and I was thinking to myself, why does everyone of these seem kind of the same? My favorite section though is always the room makeoever section. I totally wanna redo my room! Make it more me!

Today we also went into the library and picked out classes for next year. Even though I’m only going to be a sophmore, It’s still important because you need enough credits to graduate. Next year I’m taking the following:

Honors Language Arts 1

Physical Science

Honors Government




Spanish 2


Computer Applications

I’m pretty excited! I also can’t wait untill I can take my permit test! My luck may be turning! xoxo


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