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Sometimes I want to rip my own hair out… February 27, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — fashiononhigh @ 10:52 pm

Today was DEFINETELY not my day! I woke up & I couldn’t find a single thing to wear! So i settled on my black jeans w/silver detail, nikes, and my sister’s ae shirt. I felt horribly grotesque! Then i had a buncha stuff to do and a big history test. I think I did good though. I also had a math quiz but we’re not even going to talk about that. Also in my lang. arts class someone brought up the topic of the teacher impregnating his wife so that just completed my totally fabulous day! I hope tomorrow I can look (and feel!) much better! I feel so bad because I don’t have ANY pics up yet, so my blog isn’t very interesting yet but i promise i’ll try really hard! xoxo


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