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Manic Monday… February 25, 2008

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Okay so last night, Lauren didn’t get much sleep, because Lauren slept a bunch during the snow days & the weekend so I wound up going into my sister’s room & talking untill midnight, which isn’t so good for normal people, but Lauren is NOT normal and she wakes up feeling like $1,000,000! I can’t explain it. So then I’m trying to find something to wear, & i get that icky feeling because I have NOTHING to wear! So I decided on a boring (but cute!) outfit of dark Old Navy jeans, gray v-neck from idon’tknowwhere, and navy woolen flats from Famous Footwear. I completed this stunner of a look (notice the sarcasam) with heart hoop earrings that my Aunt Jane sent me for Christmas from Chicago and my slouchy black bag! I love it!

So on the school front, things aren’t too pretty. Here’s the rundown:

Honors World History: Test Wednesday (!!)

Fitness & Wellness: pshh

Physical Science: umm I know today we took a buncha notes…thats really bad that I don’t even know…

Spainish 1: adjectives test Wednesday

Student Council: answering letters from incoming 8th graders

Algebra 1: umm graphing lines & equations (slope intercept)

Honors Language Arts: We’re working on a research paper (topic: how men get paid more than women) & i have NO source cards or anything! aghh! && we’re starting Romeo & freakin’ Juliet! Goshh

So all in all I’m pretty stressed! Not good for the skin ya know? & I really need my haircut! I better get off cuz I have a crapload of homework! Later Gaters! xoxo


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