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This Ain’t a Scene…This is MY Life February 28, 2008

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Hello all! Today was simply mahh-velous! I aced my history test & tomorrow I don’t have to go to any classes! At my school we’re doing a blood drive and my student council is sponsoring it so I’m excused from like every class.

Tonight’s my school’s talent show, so at 6:15 I am leaving to help! I love my life so much!

So I really want a pair of blue skinnies & red for sure, maybe purple. Do any of you know where to get these lovely things? I was going over my sister’s teen vogue for march and I was thinking to myself, why does everyone of these seem kind of the same? My favorite section though is always the room makeoever section. I totally wanna redo my room! Make it more me!

Today we also went into the library and picked out classes for next year. Even though I’m only going to be a sophmore, It’s still important because you need enough credits to graduate. Next year I’m taking the following:

Honors Language Arts 1

Physical Science

Honors Government




Spanish 2


Computer Applications

I’m pretty excited! I also can’t wait untill I can take my permit test! My luck may be turning! xoxo


Sometimes I want to rip my own hair out… February 27, 2008

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Today was DEFINETELY not my day! I woke up & I couldn’t find a single thing to wear! So i settled on my black jeans w/silver detail, nikes, and my sister’s ae shirt. I felt horribly grotesque! Then i had a buncha stuff to do and a big history test. I think I did good though. I also had a math quiz but we’re not even going to talk about that. Also in my lang. arts class someone brought up the topic of the teacher impregnating his wife so that just completed my totally fabulous day! I hope tomorrow I can look (and feel!) much better! I feel so bad because I don’t have ANY pics up yet, so my blog isn’t very interesting yet but i promise i’ll try really hard! xoxo


*Sighs* February 26, 2008

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Hey everyone! Today was my lazy day as far as fashion goes! I wore light wash low rise AE jeans, a mr.men t shirt, and a chocolate AE hoodie, with uggs tucked into the jeans. Hair was up, and my pearl studs completed it! God i can’t wait untill I get a good digital camera! The one we have now makes all the pics look BLUE! Yeahh. So the item i most want now is a gray cardigan, simple I know but i want it to be fitted, but still have a loose slouchy shape. If any of you know where to get one please tell me! Well I should probably go & work on my source cards for the research paper! xoxo


Manic Monday… February 25, 2008

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Okay so last night, Lauren didn’t get much sleep, because Lauren slept a bunch during the snow days & the weekend so I wound up going into my sister’s room & talking untill midnight, which isn’t so good for normal people, but Lauren is NOT normal and she wakes up feeling like $1,000,000! I can’t explain it. So then I’m trying to find something to wear, & i get that icky feeling because I have NOTHING to wear! So I decided on a boring (but cute!) outfit of dark Old Navy jeans, gray v-neck from idon’tknowwhere, and navy woolen flats from Famous Footwear. I completed this stunner of a look (notice the sarcasam) with heart hoop earrings that my Aunt Jane sent me for Christmas from Chicago and my slouchy black bag! I love it!

So on the school front, things aren’t too pretty. Here’s the rundown:

Honors World History: Test Wednesday (!!)

Fitness & Wellness: pshh

Physical Science: umm I know today we took a buncha notes…thats really bad that I don’t even know…

Spainish 1: adjectives test Wednesday

Student Council: answering letters from incoming 8th graders

Algebra 1: umm graphing lines & equations (slope intercept)

Honors Language Arts: We’re working on a research paper (topic: how men get paid more than women) & i have NO¬†source cards or anything! aghh! && we’re starting Romeo & freakin’ Juliet! Goshh

So all in all I’m pretty stressed! Not good for the skin ya know? & I really need my haircut! I better get off cuz I have a crapload of homework! Later Gaters! xoxo


Boring Sunday February 24, 2008

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Okay so my day was nothing to write home about. I slep untill 1:oo making me feel like a bum and then i just watched reruns of my soap opera! I even stayed in my jammies (seafoam green snoopy & woodstock pants & a pink-y old navy t). I’m going to get a slew of pics soon so then i’ll post them. Untill next time…xoxo



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Here’s 10 of my latest obsessions:

1. General Hospital

2. Teen Vogue

3. Betsey Johnson

4. Anthropologie

5. My Yorkie Graham

6. the idea of becoming a fashion editor

7. Taylor Swift

8. Bowling

9. Plum Nailpolish

10. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck


Hello World, Here I Come!

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Hey everybody! I’m glad you made your way to my blog! I’m going to use this as a journal. This will be a way for me to dress better, become less lazy, and get out some anger! So here’s a little about me: I’m 15, I”m in highschool, and fashion is my passion! So thanks for coming and I can’t wait to start this wild and crazy ride!